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Pause and enjoy a thoughtful moment; release Chinese lanterns at your garden party, wedding or event this summer for memorable celebrations and enjoy beautiful displays for up to twenty minutes at a time!
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Chinese Lanterns History

Our Chinese Lanterns have changed very little over their history of many centuries and have been used for nearly two thousand years.

Flying Lanterns, which are filled with hot air created by the candle-like fuel cell inside them, were invented in China by Zhuge Liang, the chancellor of Shu Han, OR the Chinese famous strategist - Kong Min OR Chu Ko Liang - all have been credited for their invention. Sky Lanterns were invented as a military aid, used as a method of communication on the battlefield. Chinese Lanterns are widely thought to be the world's first hot-air balloon - the first un-manned balloon of course!

During the Yuan Dynasty, which began in the 13th century, Chinese Lanterns became a symbol of hope and good wishes.

Flying Lanterns are now traditionally released with a wish to bring good luck & prosperity in the coming year - most popular for the Chinese New Year that sees literally millions of Flying Lanterns launched over a two week period.

Chinese lanterns are both spectacular & serene and are great fun to use for any celebration

including, Birthdays, weddings, anniversaries, Bonfire Night, New Year and more.

Our Lanterns are Hand Made and The Best Quality!

Chinese writing: Good Luck, Prosperity, Logevity, Happiness